Khamis, 12 Ogos 2010

Are you high maintenance?

Some people owez said, aarrgghhh!!high maintenance?? how could be..eerrmm. Its juz words. Bila awak mean it, sure u will think she's high maintenance coz she looks gorgeous. Itu pon bukan semuanye yang mampu dilafazkan sebagai 'high maintenance'. But others will say it after their look thats.

1. Your haircut costs:
* About at much as fast food meal
* About as much as a car payment
* About as much as a fancy dinner
2. When you fly:
* You have a particular seat
* You have to fly first class
* You don't mind having a middle seat
3. On your birthday...
* You expect a nice gift from each of your friends and family members
* You're happy if anyone remembers
* You're happy with a little gift
4. If you don't get a lot of sleep, you:
* Can't function at all
* Are cranky
* Are okay
5. You prefer to eat:
* Healthy, fresh food
* Vegan, raw, and / or gluten free food that's 100% organic
* Everything and anything
6. If a friend cancels plans at the last minute, you:
* Make sure and cancel on your friend sometime
* Find something else to do
* Are irritated but get over it eventually
7. You tend to tip well:
* If you get above average service
* Almost every time you get a service
* If someone goes really above and beyond to make you happy

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